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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Madrid Nightlife

One thing about the Madrid nightlife: it goes on all night, literally. I was having a few with the people in the picture, my flatmate and I didn't get there until 2345 and I didn't take this picture until 0200. Then we went out en masse to a couple of bars and clubs.

All little about the people: they are in the MBA program at Instituto de Empresa. It's a Spanish language program, and they are required to pass an English proficieny exam at the end. So that means the only time they speak English is when they speak to someone like me. The MBA is almost exclusively populated with people from Spanish-speaking countries. The people here are from Mexico, Dominican Republic, and various parts of Spain (Andalucia, Valencia, Galicia, and Mallorca).

As I get to know the people at school I'll add more commentary. More to come....


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